Cookbook "Heute lieber kein Fleisch", Pichler Verlag | Styria Verlagsgruppe

Last year I got invited by Pichler Verlag of Styria Verlagsgruppe to work on a wonderful book project that I can finally present to you now.
The cookbook “Heute lieber kein Fleisch” is written by author Renate Wagner-Wittula in cooperation with and in memory of since past Austrian cooking expert Ingrid Pernkopf. Recipes are showing a vegetarian turn on traditional Austrian kitchen. Fully illustrated, 28€. Get yours now online or in every bookstore. So happy to finally see this beautiful book published and in stores everywhere.

Authors: Renate Wagner-Wittula, Ingrid Pernkopf
Project management: Uli Steinwender & Elisabeth Blasch
Layout, book and cover design: Stefanie Muther, Extraplan
Illustrations: Anna Frohmann 
Editing: Josef Weilguni

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