What I do

What I do
Illustration is a delicious form of eye candy, but it is capable of so much more. The visual language has no limits. Its tools like shape, lines, colour, hue, saturation, size and the fact that it is not bound to reality make it a pretty broad field with seemingly endless possibilities. I like to believe that illustrators create commercial art – sounds like a contradictory combination but I think it is actually a good way to illustrate this profession. But don’t get me wrong, I am not offering illustration… I am offering you a solution tailored to your specific needs. – Emotion, humor, value, information, identity, opinion, culture or simply eye candy expressed in pencil and vector lines.

© by Anna Frohmann, 2017

SERVUS KINDER Magazine | Water issue


Servus Kinder Magazine 03/2017 | Red Bull Media House
>> WUNDERBARES WASSER | Water issue <<
Art Direction: Lisa Haunschmid | Illustration: Anna Frohmann

The aim was to create humorous little vector illustrations of waterdrops as well as infographics that describe the physical state of water. The individual illustrations of waterdrops were used across the kids magazine’s water issue.

© by Anna Frohmann, 2017

SERVUS KINDER Magazine | AMA food issue


Servus Kinder Magazine 02/2017 | Red Bull Media House
>> UNSER ESSEN | Sonderausgabe in Kooperation mit AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria) <<
>> OUR FOOD | special issue in cooperation with AMA (Agrarmarkt Austria) <<
Art Direction: Lisa Haunschmid | Illustration: Anna Frohmann

First part of the commission was to create a character design for apple hero ‘Toni’. He was required to be depicted in five different poses to guide the young readers through the magazine’s special food issue. Furthermore, the illustrations should be executed with pencil in a very realistic and colourful way.

The second part of the commission included various funny vector illustrations of little pigs and piglets to illustrate an article providing fun facts about these wunderful animals.

© by Anna Frohmann, 2017

EDITORIAL Illustrations | Magazine pitch


The following pencil illustrations were created in a short-timed pitch for Miss Magazine
in february 2017 for an article about relationships/sex.
Unfortunately, they were not chosen as winner of the competition for their following issue.
Nevertheless, I still would like to showcase them here.

The illustrations were drawn with pencil and coloured digitally.

© by Anna Frohmann, 2017

FOSSILS | pencil illustrations


These Illustrations of three different kinds of fossils were commissioned by a private client.
The originals were created with pencil in A5 format. However, the versions you can see on this page were subsequently coloured digitally.

© by Anna Frohmann, 2017

SERVUS KINDER Magazin | Lach-Heft


Servus Kinder Magazin 01/2017 | Red Bull Media House
>> SCHLAUE NATUR | Lachen <<
Art Direction: Lisa Haunschmid | Text: Marie Salzmann | Illustration: Anna Frohmann

© by Anna Frohmann, 2017

SALTO Cover Illustration | SOS-Kinderdorf

SALTO Cover | SOS-Kinderdorf

Cover Illustration für das SALTO Magazin #2 des SOS-Kinderdorf.
Erschienen als Beilage zu “Der Standard” am 19/11/2016.
Art Direction: Markus Zahradnik | Schrägstrich Kommunikationsdesign
Illustration: Anna Frohmann

© by Anna Frohmann, 2016

MAP OF ALAT | “Unstern”

MAP OF ALAT | "Unstern"

This map was created for the book “UNSTERN” (Dark Fantasy, German Version) written by author Katrin Ils.
The book will be published in spring 2017.
Illustration & graphics: Anna Frohmann

For more information on the book visit Katrin’s Blog.

Dieser Stadtplan wurde für das Buch “UNSTERN” (Dark Fantasy) – geschrieben von Autorin Katrin Ils – gestaltet.
Das Buch erscheint im Frühjahr 2017.
Illustration & Grafik: Anna Frohmann

Weitere Informationen zum Buch und zu Katrins Arbeit findet ihr auf Katrins Blog.

© by Anna Frohmann, 2016



Servus Kinder Magazin 06/2016 | Red Bull Media House
>> NATUR IN ZAHLEN | Der Mond <<
Text: Pauli Herberstein | Illustration: Anna Frohmann

© by Anna Frohmann, 2016